The podcasts generated within KLAS are part of the Creative Disturbance channel “Meta-Life”

hosted by Annick Bureaud, Roger Malina, Jean-Luc Soret, Yvan Tina

The introduction of the “Meta-­Life” Leonardo ebook published in 2014 at MIT Press states: “With biotechnologies, synthetic biology and Artificial Life, artists have opened new avenues in the artworld, going from still to autonomous objects to living creatures, exploring the thin border between animate and inanimate, confronting the grown, the evolved, the born and the built, raising aesthetical but also social, political and ethical issues”. This channel aims to address these concerns by opening up a dialogue with the key figures of this growing field.

KLAS Episode 1: Arren Bar-Even

KLAS Episode 2: Caterina Benincasa on Klas

KLAS Episode 3: Charlie Cotton

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