Max Planck Researchers

Two independent Max Planck researchers will mentor the KLAS selected artists :



Arren Bar-Even  ♦ Max Planck Institute for Plant Physiology

Dr. Bar-Even’s team studies the design principles of cellular metabolism and their implementation for the metabolic engineering of microbes to support novel growth properties and production of value-added chemicals. To address the grand challenges our industrial society faces in terms of energy generation and storage and production of essential chemicals radical solutions are required. The Bar-Even lab tries to tackle these challenges by advancing innovative forms of biorefineries, especially the use of one-carbon compounds as feedstock for cultivation of microbes and production of chemicals. Using computational tools for pathway design and analysis we identify promising metabolic routes and further implement them in model biotechnological microbes.




Tom RobinsonMax Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces; Theory and Bio-Systems

The Biomicrofluidics lab of Dr. Robinson, aims to create model cell systems inspired by nature. Using giant lipid vesicles, we will create unique multi-compartment membrane structures that will mimic biological cell organelles. The outcome of which will be to understand how enzymes reactions are confined to specific organelles and what are the requirements for a minimal cell system.