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Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

The University of Groningen provides high quality education and research in a broad range of disciplines. We distinguish ourselves in the international market through a close link between education and research. Not only are our education and research programs socially relevant, but our researchers also collaborate with business partners, public institutions and the government. In addition, the University of Groningen stimulates current debate on scientific, social and cultural issues by providing convincing perspectives and fresh ideas, based on the latest scientific findings.

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Groningen Biomolecular Science and Biotechnology Institute

The Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute (GBB) is a research institute at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Groningen. GBB aims to excel in interdisciplinary fundamental biomolecular research on microorganisms because they comprise the richest biological reservoir of metabolic diversity on the planet. The institute combines the achievements of chemistry and biology and offers a stimulating environment for research and education. Research groups span competences revolving around the molecules of life, from the level of individual molecules to how their interactions affect the functioning and evolution of microorganisms. In this setting, synthetic biology can flourish.


Dr. Jan Kok and Dr. Alex de Vries belong to the GBB.