Hosting Research Groups

The four outstanding research groups, from RuG and MPI, selected for KLAS 2017.

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Experts committees that support KLAS initiative:

Advisory Board

Honorary Committee

Open-Call Jury

Arts & Sciences

Instigating interaction and play – between artists & scientist – is necessary. It creates more space for reflection and allows exploration outside of each single discipline’s boundaries.

During the last decades interdisciplinary approaches have gained international relevance. KLAS has been design to work in this line.


Societal engagement in research and innovation is of great importance. KLAS creates an inclusive praxis on various levels, in order to strengthen the collaborative governance and democratic elements of research and innovation. 1

Complying with several of the European Commission key issues where focused research is needed – ranging from energy to security – KLAS encourage interplay of artistic research with scientific and technological skills.
Curiosity leads to research…so, remember to have fun!!